Thursday, February 21, 2013

Third try!

So this is the talked about picture of what I did last weekend.  This is the third try to get it published.  I used Firefox to try the last time.  Normally I use Chrome.  I know!  There are many folks who are having real problems with Chrome.  Normally it works so well for me, but not with Blogger.  At least not right now.  So I decided I would try to use Firefox.  It let me post the entire thing, but at first, the only problem was that  it would not let me put a title on the post.  As I went along, there were error messages that it was having problems publishing the post.  And at the end ...  Right - no publish.  So that was wasted.

So how am I here?  Explorer? No - I am not sure Explorer still exists on this computer.  I have used Safari.  It still loves me even though I am not on an Apple computer.  At least I think it still loves me - haven't tried to publish yet.

So another problem with posting is that after all these years, there must be enough junk accumulated under the keyboard on this laptop that some of the keys don't work properly.  Plus today, my dyslexia that has not been diagnosed, but I have always had - at least a little dose of it - is in high gear this morning.  So I am having to replace a lot of p's and b's along with some other letters.

But I did get the picture, and I probably will return here to Safari (ummmm - that was my favorite cologne that was discontinued!) to post pictures especially!

Little things make me happy!


JuJu said...

Well, I appreciate you going through all the trouble to get it posted. It's adorable!

Marti said...

I appreciate all the trouble too. I love the little dresses.

I haven't downloaded Chrome, but I've got a problem with Explorer that I can't see all my photos in picasaweb, but I can see them with Chrome on dh's computer. Computers are just weird.

judemiller1 said...

I'm so glad you finally got it posted. What an adorable outfit--for both girl and doll!!!