Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Ear Worm"

Yesterday, as the last ones were pulling out early, an old Roy Clark song kept running through my head.  It was "Thank God and Greyhound You're Gone."  Now I really don't mean to be that glad, but it was really good to see the last of the crew leave.  They are the older grandkids, and really have settled down, but still I am used to a quiet place.  And it wasn't.

Lady Bug got her mom and me to take her out driving.  The first place we chose really wasn't good.  Way too close to the house and other cars.  The private road to our road is too small, and the cattle guard at the top of the hill is one I don't like driving through.  It is NARROW!  So we took her to the county road.  She did so well.

Of course, at almost 12 the hormones are raging.  She was furious with Dad and Brother because they were out doing things (forgot about the driving, eh), and she didn't get to shoot the .22.  Lots of tears,  Glad I don't have to deal with that daily.

This evening has been spent washing most of the dirty clothes.  I will wait until the next time to pull sheets and wash them.   So glad the septic system cooperated.  Of course, and this is probably TMI, DIL was being visited by her monthly friend.  I am afraid the tampons went down.  I didn't know that fact until they were gone.

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  It was good.  Don't get me wrong.  But I am glad we won't be here for the holiday next year.  The house is just too small, but it's Louisiana for son's family next year. So there wouldn't be a large number here.

As for my internet capabilities here.  Frankly and honestly, satellite almost bites the big one.  Sorry - not a nice way to put it, but I am very disappointed,  Most of the time I have been blocked out of things - especially Facebook.  Not a happy camper here.   Last month I thought it worked better.,  Then I thourhg it was all the I-phones and the like pulling the siignal, but it should be great now.  And it's not.

But homeward bound tomorrow!!


judemiller1 said...

I made it through 4.5 hours at daughters noisy house and then had to flee to my quietness. Too many people. Her loud mother-in-law and sister-in-law and yelling little kids. But I did make it, LOL

JuJu said...

Breathe a big sigh of relief! Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.