Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh thankful Thanksgiving is over

Beginning Wednesday, we had the houseful. Things went fairly well although I was "walking on eggshells" because Monday night, when  Simone decided  to have one of her spells always puts me on edge.

The first wave got here about 12:30 Wednesday morning.  I had given up waiting because  I was sleep deprived from staying up with Simone Monday night.  We didn't hear them at all, but Shadow was freaked out again.  For some reason, he didn't come in the bedroom before we closed the door.  He really didn't expect "company" to come in.

Wednesday we went to town to leave a mattress set that will be given to a family that lost everything in a fire.  That gave the kids time to play in the park and things like that.

The other group was here when we got back.  That's when the noise really started.  Between children crying for whatever reason, the baby screaming to get attention, the real noise came from my darling daughter.  She has always been loud, but oh. my. gosh.  She  was above ever one else.  For  better or worse, when she gets on her kids, she is loud.  She gets louder.

The problem with Simone is that probably she was badly abused.  When I used a certain tone around her, she will hide.  Daughter uses this tone with her kids a lot.  I know that upset Simone.  I thought I had Simone  drugged enough to not let this bother her, but no.

As I was trying to get the rest of the dinner ready yesterday, they brought all the kids in.  The noise level was so high, Daughter was very loud, and, you guessed it, Simone spewed again.

Needless to say, I wasn't in a very good mood yesterday.  I hated to be that way, I am sure I wasn't a very warm  loving mother/mother-in-law/grandmother.  When I am on edge - I am not a great person at all.  Things really bother me.

But - half are now gone, all the dinner pressure is over and things are becoming more normal.  Hopefully all the nausea is over.  I drugged her food this morning, and probably will again this evening!!!



just keep telling'll all be over with soon.

JuJu said...

Poor Simone. I can't imagine how all the to-do must stress her. (and you!) I totally understand that walking on eggshells thing. I felt like that last night. Sometimes, family just stresses me out.

I hope the holiday season will be kind to both of us!