Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh - surprise!

I was whining saying that my arthritis was really getting me down.  How I didn't want to do anything, slept on the couch under a throw and all.  Well - it wasn't my arthritis.

With six little petri dishes around me for Thanksgiving, I believe they shared their gift with me.  Night before last, I became really gassy (TMI - sorry).  Well about midnight all that changed, and that end of my body kept me really busy all night.

Yesterday was some better, but today ..  Well let's just say things don't look promising for any shopping trips.

I hate this.  I really haven't gotten sick in ages.  I don't like being sick. I try to stay away from sick people.  As I was telling Daughter about my lament, she was saying they were rather rumbly in the tumbly also.  But then, that entire family always has whatever someone else has.  I swear SIL tries to have menstrual migranes also.  If she gets a headache - he has one too.  So I have a gastric problem - they have one too.

So it looks like I will be close friends with "john" again today.  I would take something, but it is best to let it all work its way out.  So I will let it do just that.

Now that I have shared yet another secret of my life with you, I shall leave you.


Marti said...

Ugh. I feel your pain though (IBS, but that's a bit different). I was just patting myself on the back that I haven't been sick in years. Coincidentally, the kids have been gone for years.

Keep a stack of books handy and this too shall pass.

JuJu said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. There is definitely something going around. We've had a ton of sick folks for the last ten days. I'm hoping not to succumb!!

Watch old Roseanne reruns!