Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zero, zip, zilch

That's what I accomplished today.  This is one of the few Texas days that is chilly and cloudy.  I don't know if it is all in my head or a true disorder, but my arthritis has been screaming today.  I have done something that I haven't done in ages - slept on the couch with a throw over me.

When I get like this, my body tells me that it wants to submerge in a tub of HOT water.  Well - I can't do that.  Since the new knees, I can't get on my knees in the tub.  And since my legs are really rather weak, and I have sciata, I have to get on my knees to get out.  So a+b= no soaking.

Ah, another day of whining.  Let me look, I'll bet I have some cheese around here.  Would make a nice snack.

Lasr night I slept on the tempurpedic again, but it didn't ease my back.  I also didn't take the drugs because I was hoping for some relief.

It is so good to be home,  I just can't keep from saying that.  It isn't really all that different from the SSB, except it is home.  A place I haven't been around for long.

I nearly have all the Christmas shopping done.  I was able to go to the only major toy store left to get the youngest shopping from their wish list.  The older ones - Daughter always buys extra, so I benefit there.  I even took advantage of a Cyber-Monday sale last night to get my Kindle Fire.  It was $30 off.  So that meant I could get the cover.

So - I guess I did get something done after all!

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