Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a day!

This was one full day! I went to the hospital to pre-register. I was a little shocked when I was to pay them my portion of the bill - today. We're talking like $2000. It was a surprise, to say the least.

I was to be there at 11. I was, but appointments don't mean much apparently. I got to wait for a while. After a poke for blood typing (thankfully my blood work was done last week) an EKG, and filling out p a p e r s!!! And more papers. We finally finished at 1.

I went to the courtyard there in the hospital. It seems more like a mall in that area. Anyway, I went to the place with food. It is more than a snack bar and less that a restaurant. I had a pretty good chef's salad. I just wish they would take a little more time to get the ribs out of the romaine lettuce!!

Then I was off to the cardio doc for a 1:45 appointment. That late means HE is running late. I though they were going to do another EKG. I am so glad the technician gave me a (shhhh) copy. She wasn't suppposed to, but she did. He is concerned with the blood sugar. So am I. Even more reason for a diet - or change of living.

Then I went to get my glasses that came in - early. They are different. I always have to get used to new progressive lenses. I haven't hit the sweet spot for the computer yet. Distance is great. We'll see about the reading part after a bit.

Now it's off to packing away breakfast sausage. G was emphatic that we take the venison and pork to the SSB. Our friend and neighbor had a real kick-a** grinder. He can grind the sausage in less than 15 when with our little grinder it would take hald a day. Anyway, I have over 50 pounds out there.

In keeping with usual Texas weather, it is HOT today. That means the ice will probably be melted. I just LOVE things being dumped on me. Now I know why he keeps working. So I can go to the bank (which he requested today), pack sausage, keep stamps in the house (he used them all last night), and all the little drudgery in life.

Anyway . . .



Judy said...

This shows what a strong woman can do...when we have too. Keep it all together at home while trying to take care of things for ourselves. Good job.

Jeanette said...

I agree with Judy. Us women are always up to the task! Last time I got new glasses the lenses were so narrow that I did not bother getting the progressives. I don't need them for computer work, though and if I have to read with them on I look underneath the glasses!

Jeanette said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. Those shower curtain rings you liked on my blog came from Lowe's!

flying eagle woman said...

in our longhouse venison, which by the way, we simple Ndnz just call "deer meat" is known as "Big Brother" having given himself freely for our consumption (big story) but anyway, your post triggered that moment of minutiae...I think I must be in teacher mode today! ...Have a good day my kindred sister!!!