Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to

Yeah, it's time again. I tried tom suggest we go next weekend since Lady Bug's birthday is TOMORROW! We have missed her birthday for the last three years at least. G says it's because it is doe and spike season, but I heard him telling one of our SSB neighbors last night we wouldn't shoot a doe anyway because he was sure one he shot before was pregnant. As for spikes, we haven't seen too many this year. I think neighbor and his wife has done a good job weeding them out.

We will be going to community club, which I normally would love. The problem here is that there is going to be rain. Our roads are not paved. The county, in trying to make the roads better, added dirt on top of the rock. I know their goal was to smooth out the rocks. Problem: the dirt turns to mud which is really sort of deep. It is deep enough that when we decided to get rid of the troop carrier (big F250 4X4) we decided that we really needed to get a junior troop carrier. Even with the 4x4, navigating that road is scary. There is much slipping and sliding about.

So we will travel it to get to the house. We will settle the kids (Simone and Shadow); I will put the bought day old cake on a plate (probably not fooling anyone); and head back down the road. I hope we can find the old ruts. Then after dinner, the meeting, and bingo (which turns out to be quite fun - those ranchers get to be cut-throat about the prizes - like gas treatment for cars) we will return via that road again.

At least our little area is getting a little built up. There are the Polish outsiders (whom we love), G's sister, his brother and his wife, and a couple of other cousins. (Marti - they are in the branches, not twigs) If we get stuck, there will be others along.

I know I will have limited internet. I have it at the whim of ATT. Sometimes I have a great signal, sometimes not so much.

Have a great weekend. See you Tuesday for sure.


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Susan Adcox said...

I hope Lady Bug had a great birthday. It is hard to choose sometimes between our own friends and activities and doing the grandparenting thing. We grandmothers have to keep husbands and grandchildren happy, and that's not always easy!