Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So spoiled!!

This is Shadow now. He is only a bit spoiled, as you can see. When he was a little baby, this was easy to do, but now . . . He thinks it is just normal for me to hold him while I surf. The problem is that he now hangs off both ends of the arm - just a bit!

As for the soap box stands from the past few days, I refused to read the paper this morning before I posted. I doubt there is anything new because the vote at the school board meeting won't happen until tomorrow night. So I am at a low simmer.

It really amazes me that Texas teachers let things like this happen to them. I have never been part of a more passive group in my life. Look where that character trait has gotten those still in service today. They are viewed as less than valuable workers. But. I. Will. Let. This. Drop. (at least for now as I have said enough)

Yesterday I was actually out of the house! I had my semi-annual blood test for the heart doc. Then I treated myself to breakfast out since the blood work was fasting. From there I went to the office supply to get a calendar to fit my day runner. This year looks like one where I will be tied to it again with all the doctors appointments.

I went to get an eye exam after that. I love my eye (real) doctor, but her prescription for glasses was wayyyyyy off. I have vision insurance that I used for that script for new glasses. Well, I can't see out of them. So I went to just a vision check doc. What an exam. She was great, and the prescription is way different.

One of the local optical places is having a sale. Two frames for the price of one, and two sets of lenses for the price of one. Great. Yes, please, but wait - not so fast. I wear the varilux (that spelling beats me!) progressive. Guess which ones are not on sale. So the two pairs of glasses would be over $450. I came home and mentioned it to G. He didn't think that was so bad, so I guess I will be out and about again.

My life is just so exciting.


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