Thursday, January 21, 2010


I will swear I have some tendencies that lean toward hoarding. I look around as I sit here, and things are especially cluttered now. Getting things stowed where they belong is not an easy thing. I really feel it because I have five days to get it stowed. After that I will have a physical therapist coming here to put me through my paces. Oh, my!

I was reading another blog about someone having things from her deceased relatives. That spurred my memory of all the things I have had to let go. I did manage to get some things from my aunt and uncle - who were like second parents to me, but I had a vivid memory of some of the things in their house I had to leave. It was the same with my dad. I had to leave so much, at all the houses where he lived. Let me explain that statement. He kept the house I grew up in when he married V. He rented it out, bu he had a huge storeroom. After he and V married, he built another storeroom. It had a lot of his tools in it. I had to leave them. And of course the lake property. There was a lot - including antiques that I had to leave. It does make me sad.

But then I look around. Now I have stuff. To paraphrase George Carlin, we have our houses to keep our stuff. We then get more stuff so we need a bigger house. When we move in here, I was amazed at our storage. For years, we had unused cabinets. No more. Well, some that could be organized better would have some space.

We have been here 34 years. Stuff happens! It doesn't help that I was a science teacher. We could use all sorts of items with our experiments. A lot of teachers know that as soon as you throw something away, you could use it in the classroom. I can't tell you how many times that happened.

Now I am a crafter. Guess what! Same things. Most of it is stashed neatly away, but I am in the middle of stashing some of it. I looked at pictures of another sewer/crafter yesterday. It was her basement. I was amazed at the fact she posted them. But I think this is a problem with crafters. That's why dear Martha is always highlighting organization. We are all looking to be more organized (but she is ridiculous - I think she only has items that will fit - doesn't matter if she needs other tools).

I don't think I fit into the hoarder role, but then neither do they. I have manageable stuff, I just need to be able to manage it physically - my physically, not house storage physically.

Wish me luck.


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judemiller1 said...


I had to move from my 9 room house into this wee place, so I got rid of a lot of stuff then. Sat my kids at the dining room table and pulled stuff out of the hutch and doled out their grandma and great grandma's stuff. Now I have lived her 5 years and have acquired more stuff--and since Fred moved in, with all his stuff--we have stuff coming out of stuffed and this house is stuffed. I do have all my scrapbooks, genealogy books and yarn organized and hidden in a closet, and ever so often I go through our clothes closet and throw out what we haven't worn in two seasons. With a wee place, you gotta stay on top of it or you get over stuffed.