Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lady Bug, dear Lady Bug

It is difficult to think that this is her last year in single digits. She is growing up so fast, but with her growing so fast, it gives me an idea of who she will be! I look for her to do great things.

When Christmas was coming, she heard about the Zhu-zhu pets. I heard about them too, and knew I wanted to give her at least one. By the time I heard about them here in my cave, it was too late. They were the hit of the season.

I made the decision that by her birthday, the hub-bub would be over, and I could find some. As fate would have it, Daughter found them at a drug store chain that is one of her stores. She was able to get FOUR of them! We decided that LB had plenty for Christmas, and we would stick to the original plan. They woud be for her birthday.

In the mean time, one of the sites I visit for machine embroidery had also discovered the Zhu-Zhus. She came up with a pattern for the accessories for the little critters. It wasn't ready for release around Christmas. She did have a pattern for a Santa suit and elves. Well, that wouldn't do. Lb's birthday is January 16.

I kept checking for those accessories. I need to email her that her site isn't too user friendly - put that on my list of to do! I never found them. They included a sleeping bag, blanket and carrier. I looked and looked. Nothing.

Then it appeared they were available. Coudn't find them. Last night, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I won. I downloaded the patterns. Great - I will be out of commission after next week. The machine will be upstairs. I can't do stairs. Well - they will be done.

LB got to open her presents a day early. She was delighted with everything, but she also was thrilled with those pets. She took them with her when parents went to the gym. When they were getting ready to leave, LB was cloudy! Her beloved pets didn't work anymore. Her mom was heart broken. What a birthday present. One day and zap!

They took the things home and it appears they shouldn't be operated on carpet. So Daughter went aobut cleaning all the fuzz out. Still dead. Her hopes were dashed. Then she had the inspiration to check the batteries. Now Daughter is not the handy type. I was so proud of her. She replaced the batteries and viola they worked again!

So disaster was averted. Things are looking bright. The site is going to put up a pattern for a ballerina outfit for the pets next week. I just hope they continue to work until I can get everything made!!



judemiller1 said...

i got them at Christmas time for my little 6 year old Elise. She loves them--also got the tunnels and wheel for them to play on. I had a ball playing with them on Christmas Day. I didn't know they had clothes for them--amazing.

angela said...

we are still hearing about littlest pet shop here. isn't it funny all the little fads that make up toys in childhood...