Friday, January 22, 2010

I finally succumbed

Yesterday I had to get the shirt I want to embroidery for Wiggle Worm's first birthday party. As we all know (Yawn), I won't be able to do it after Wednesday. So I loaded up to head to the Store with the Bull's eye.

When I got there, I made the decision that I no longer needed to plod through the store, hurting with very step. So I climbed aboard a motorized cart. I was intimidated at first. I carefully read the directions. I had a steady green light, so I figured I was good to go.

The very first thing that happened was the alarm on the door went off. For Pete's sake, what was this? No one seemed to be worried about it, so off I went.

My first stop was the handbags. A few weeks ago, I broke the handle on my favorite purse, and got one out that I hated. Now this is rather comical because - I make purses. But I wanted a good pouch purse. The first ones I saw were huge. Now I like a big purse, but these were like brief cases. I finally saw one I liked and puttered off.

My next stop was the children's area. I don't know why the stores have to put all their racks so close together. I think I ran over a couple of those racks. I did find two shirts. Now I just have to see which one will work best. I'll do something on the other one and give it to him too.

I decided to go back to look for some night gowns. I have shortie pj's, and I don't think they will do for the hospital. I don't think they will be good with that knee. The intimate area was more crowded than the child area. What in the world? And they didn't have a single gown. Drat!

Then I thought I would cut a stop out of my trip. I needed vacuum seal bags to complete the putting up of the sausage. I headed off to housewares, but the cart was really slower. I checked my green light - it was blinking.

I felt like I was on a long, winding deserted road with no gasoline in the tank. I decided to head to checkout. Maneuvering check out was daunting. There is no wiggle room. So I took the easy access checkout - which wasn't the fastest.

Having paid for my two shirts and purse, I was ready to flee the place. After all, I had rearranged parts of the store! Wouldn't you know, the light was steady green now. It reminded me of the time I rode horses. They would love to "barn rat." That was what this cart was doing, I'll swear. It knew
we were close to the place where it could be left and plugged in again, like the horse looking for its sweet feed.

Now I was facd with the doors and the alarm. Surerly it wouldn't. Surely I could get out. Not on your life. It sounded off as though I was stealing the whole store. And I just rolled on. The woman in front looked at me as though she was wondering how I could shop lift when I couldn't walk. I simply said "it must be this thing - it did it on the way in!"

I parked the buggy and limped to the car. When I got to the grocery (still had to get those blasted bags), I decided I had enough of motoriized shopping!

Will I do it again. Maybe. It was nice not to hurt, but those things are not for small spaces.



judemiller1 said...

They scare me to death. I had to do the WAl-Mart thingie today and Fred suggested I ride the motorized cart, but I am so afraid I will get to the back of the store and it will run out of juice. Then what would I do? I am proud of you for being so brave though.

Grandma K said...

I was afraid that was going to happen if I went on the the housewares! I have visions of having to abandon ship right there in the very middle of the store to walk to the check-out!