Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This and that

Now the real waiting begins. The bone scan is done. I just have to wait for the results.

I was rather amused however. When the first part of the scan was over, the technician asked if my knees, ankles, and feet hurt. Um - yeah! Apparently that arthritis came through like a beacon. I knew the knees were bad, but not I know ankles and feet are too.

Tomorrow I head over to the hospital where my surgery will be done to pre-register. I was going to go fasting, but I looked at the orders. NO WHERE on those orders does it indicate I should be fasting. I'll take my last report with me though. They can make a copy.

Our local news is going nuts with Gustav out there. They started several days ago, but now it is the lead off story on each newscast. I love it when they say that they only have an idea where it will go until Friday, but after that. Oops - he just said we have a 5% chance here. Oh, they are going to be so disappointed with that!!

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