Monday, August 11, 2008

I am still here!

Due to a multitude of events, I have been away! First, my ongoing battle with Comcast has finally been solved - at least for now. For months I have been not wanting to call for help because several of my neighbors had unsecured WiFi. How dare they!! Well, last week that changed. One completely disappeared. I don't know what they did, unless they are the new secured connection. I doubt that however because that new connection was unsecured for a couple of days, and it was too weak to connect. But then that's how they began to fade.

Anyway, I called my favorite company. They were going to send a repairman out the next day. I turned on the albatross of a desk top that the router has to come off. It takes it about 30 minutes to load - no joke. I know the mother board is going, but once again I am so tired of talking to the IT people in India who have me taking boards out of that computer that I just don't call. That's really stupid too because I paid to have the service go longer.

I happened to look at the screen, and I could tell that it had connected to the internet. The repair guy had not gotten here. Hummmm. It was working perfectly. When the guy got here, he was as amazed as I. Then I found that they had gone the way of the phone company. If you don't pay them insurance (in house protection), it is a charge for them to come repair their sh*t!! I hate Comcast.

I tried the two routers I had here (my old one and K's extra). Neither worked. In the meantime, G developed chest pains Wednesday night. So that was a trip to the ER, and he was admitted. He stayed overnight. That is another whole story for another time.

I ended going to the local computer store. I bought a new router (for about twice as much as I could have gotten it at Office Depot or some other place), but I am now back in business.

We also celebrated our 40th anniversary yesterday. The celebration meant that we went to K and S's house instead of me preparing the weekend family dinner. That's not a big deal. That celebration was just fine with me.

More tales from the past eleven days later.

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