Thursday, August 21, 2008

So now what?

I had my appointment with the oncologist today. It was a horrible appointment, and I am left with all sorts of unanswered questions. The only up side is that I see him again on the 16th. That should tell you things are not good.

He read the report from my blood tests. The markers that I always worry about were fine, but then he said something about another being elevated. He THEN asked about when I had my last colonoscopy. That put me on edge.

He then started reading the report from my last PET. That was before I started radiation. It showed some masses in the upper humerus and in some of the thoracic vertebrae. It was suggested that I have an MRI to further determine if they were masses or arthritis.

As I was going to tell him that I didn't think I am a candidate for an MRI, he was called to the telephone. He was gone quite a while. I also read the report then.

That brought another puzzling thing. My blood sugar (and I don't remember blood being taken at the time) was 165. So the report said that the elevate blood sugar could have had an effect on the reading. In my labs from the cardio doc, the blood sugar was also slightly elevated. Great - another problem.

So now we are going for a bone scan and x-ray of the right shoulder. The bone scan won't be definite. It will show tumors as well as arthritis. So now my thoughts are ok, is my arthritis that much worse or do I have metastasis to the bone? Why did it take a year and two months to read that report from the PET?

My mood is not real good right now.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you. Keep calling the doctor or nurse and keep asking those questions....tell them you are scared and want some help with your fears.