Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Soap opera weekend.

This was certainly an interesting weekend. Things didn't go at all as expected.

We were planning to go to Wide Spot Community Club. There were four hosts for said event - which was to be he ice cream social. Ok. Last year, there was dinner before the ice cream. This year the four people only got the bowls, spoons, ice tea, and some cookies. Gee that was so difficult. When we were hosts (G's brother and sister-in-law and us), we had a meal plus dessert. And neither of us live in the area. We all have to drive in. I told another neighbor, who also was expecting food, that the times to host are the covered dish supper and the ice cream social. You don't have to do anything.

Lady Bug had a great time. Before her second cousin arrived, she was with an 18 month old little girl. They had a famous time! It was just as well. When cousin arrived, he seemed to be a little distant. I didn't know at the time this was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

I was greatly surprised that my MIL was present. She usually backs out. I guess she was so tired of being at her Independent Living place that she would make the 2+ hour trip. She was going to stay with P and M instead of her daughter. Hmmmm. That made me wonder, but it was later explained.

We went to P and M's house for dinner Saturday. I got the low down on little sister. We were able to talk without MIL hearing because we don't know just how much she knows about that situation. More elephants in the rooms!!!

As dinner approached, Cousin became belligerent. He was going to have cookies and ice cream for dinner. Nothing more to be said. M is a psychologist, so she removed him from the situation for a discussion. When he returned, the same scene played out again. He put himself in time out and dinner proceeded. Lady Bug sat at the bar and ate well (it was spaghetti - surprise!).

Lady Bug finished her dinner and went to play with Cousin. After a bit, she came out and had a strange look on her face. We asked what was wrong, and she replied that Cousin had hit her in the stomach several times. He had a complete meltdown. He became uncontrollable, and was crying uncontrollably. We had OUR ice cream for dessert, and decided that it was time to leave.

Sunday night we had little sister over for dinner. She had taken MIL home, and I thought she wouldn't have to worry about dinner that way. I had learned that her 17 year old son had left home. This is rather amazing because little sister has been divorced for at least 10 years, and son had been kicked out of dad's house! So he came to Little Town to live.

For the first couple of months, he was great, but he soon found friends (some were 22) who weren't good for him. At least he completed the school year, but he was soon fired from his job. He quit coming home, didn't call, etc. I noticed this behavior when we were last there five weeks ago.

He tore up the Jeep Cherokee little sister was giving him. He also verbally abused him. She still tried to find him and get him in line. The Sheriff told her that he couldn't do anything because son was 17. When dad called last week, Sheriff immediately jumped and found the boy to turn over to dad.

At least I know that son is no longer in the area. I worry since there are two houses right there that are empty most of the time. I don't, and haven't for a long time, trusted that boy. At least he is back a couple of hours away again, and it was made clear neither he nor his father was welcome. Yeah! I'm so glad they are both banned. They were trouble, especially during the hunting season.

This weekend really had the trappings of a soap opera!

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