Saturday, August 23, 2008

Letting things fall out

My feelings settled? No so much. I have the appointment for the bone scan. It will be Wednesday. I could have had it on Tuesday, but I have the appointment with the plastic surgeon. I wish I could have the results of the scan before this appointment with the surgeon.

I think I can get results before surgery. Dr Poison said I could call after about four days for results. I won't see him again until September 16. If they appear to be bad, I really think I am going to modify my plans. I think I'll just have the implant put in and forget the rest. I can't see going through all that if, well, you know.

So now I am left to wonder. Is the pains I have because of the aggravation of the arthritis due to Lipitor and Femara, or has bone cancer spread throughout my body. All I know is I am much worse off than I was even last year.

The "little c" is threatening to become the "big c" again. I guess more prayer is called for.

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