Monday, August 25, 2008

I hate waiting!!

Waiting has never been one of my strong suits. I remember waiting for Christmas as a child. It was terrible. My mom would begin putting presents under the tree. I would sneak in and carefully pull open the tape. I just couldn't stand them sitting there hiding their secrets from me.

Now I find myself waiting again, but this time it is something much more important. I can't even get the bone scan until Wednesday, and then it will be about four days before I could find out any results. I really don't think the results will be conclusive. I also am not sure his nurse will give me the results over the phone. So that means more waiting.

I really am not going to have extensive surgery on the 8th if I have mets. There is no reason for it. I;ll have about 3 inches of excess tissue removed around the reconstruction that has been left over the previous surgeries. That will mean another drain, and it will be painful. I am looking at an incision about six inches long. I won't be able to sleep on that side.

I am not sure how much pain I will have from the reduction on the left. I'm sure there will be pain since there will be a nipple relocation. Of course, the surgeon thinks this will be easy. It's not his body!!

G, deep down, wants me to find another oncologists. He has never liked Dr Poison. Neither of us knows exactly how to go about this. I am not sure another oncologist would be willing to take the case. I feel really let down by BOTH the oncologist and the radiation oncologist to allow this report sit since June 27, 2007.

All I can say it I hope that the radiation doctors felt there was nothing to it, but Dr Poison is all upset - now. I think he would like me to have had an MRI like Friday! At this point, time is no longer of the essence.

SO tomorrow is my pre-op with the plastic guy. I will share all this with him, and tell him of my decision. Well see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is nothing.