Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's the same stuff

Things around here are the same. Nothing really changes from day to day. All of my complaints are the same as they were last week and the week before.

The only difference is I am in the midst of periodic check-ups with various physicians. Last week was the cardio doc. My blood pressure is up - as is my weight! The lab lost my blood work though! What a bummer.

Tuesday I had an appointment with the radiation oncologist. I need lab work for the oncologist next week (see a pattern here ??) so I decided I would kill two birds with one stone - both requests were used. I'm sure the cardio doc will send me the results when he gets them. I doubt I will have to go in, unless there is a big problem with my liver or something from the cholesterol drugs.

Next week is the appointment I am really waiting for. It is with Dr Poison, my oncologist. I really want to see what the CA25,27 markers read. I friend who had colon cancer several years ago told me that as the time span gets greater for check-ups, the anxiety grows. That is a true statement. I've been waiting for this for quite a while now.

On the 26th I see the plastic surgeon for the pre-op appointment. I am hoping that I WILL have a copy of my labs from the cardio doc. That may save me another draw at the hospital for the surgery on September 8.

Isn't my life exciting. Getting old - what a blast, especially when you add cancer to the mix!

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Anonymous said...

The labs I use will send the results to any doctor(s) I want. Perhaps you should ask about this service at your lab. Although I know for surgery they do want a result that is only 30 days old.

Good luck with the blood readings.