Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sibling rivilary

My children are almost 33 and 30. In the past, they have been very close. When B entered high school, K immediately took him under her arm. They pretty much had the same friends. Hers were his, and his were hers. Their group of friends spanned from freshmen to seniors.

Their closeness continued during college, and pretty much into the time that K really rebelled and took off on her own. That is another story, and one of the two that I don't like to remember much less share.

They were pretty close until b got married. Then the relationship we had with B went the way of all married men. They are closer to the woman's family. It doesn't make it easy, but it is usually what happens.

We do try to have our Sunday night dinners though. Part of the reason those don't happen as much is our fault. We are gone two Sundays a month. But when were are here, we do try. Most of the time we get together.

Last Sunday, B asked if is was ok +for his engaged friends to come along. K was not happy about that. She wanted to visit her brother without anyone else there. She got so incensed that she indicated she would not come. That scared me because she was bringing the food. It was the left overs from S's surprise birthday party the night before. I was going to be in a real bind! She fumed over the phone for a while. Later she called and apologized. I thought things would be ok.

K and S were late, of course. The drive was full, and they had to park at the curb. I know she did it just to make a point, but she brought all the food in at once. She never came up to the door to ask for help. She just loaded herself down, then came in with a glare for everyone. I thought we were in for a long evening.

Tensions finally settled, and I think everyone had a great time visiting. But it was touch and go for a while! I expect Lady Bug and Monkey Boy to have sibiling rivilaries, but heavens to Betsy, my two are getting a little long in the tooth for this stuff!! ONe of my friends who has children that are twenty years older than mine told me it never got easier. Was she ever right!

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Tammy said...

Hi...I was just reading some random blogs and came across yours. It was interesting to read about your grown up children. G;ad the tensions finally settled!
I have two little ones, 4 and 7. My mom and I both started blogging just recently...she is 79! But I thought it was neat that your blogs names are similar...hers is called "grandmother musings."
Anyway...drop by and visit us sometime
God's blessings...