Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mish mash

As I have moaned before, technology has passed me by. Today I finally recalled (or just stumbled upon) how to get my favorites back. I can't believe I finally did it! Della and I are still fighting tooth and nail, and I don't have time to call India right now. That always ends up being an hour conversation with me crawling about on the floor removing memory cards and unplugging cables.

I still cannot get everything to allow me to import into this blog nor use spell check. These posts should prove to be very interesting.

We are working like little beavers trying to get enough product for the craft show this weekend. K has gotten really excited about things. She is really working on things now. It is difficult with the two small children.

We will be stopping in San Antonio on our way back home. MIL called me Monday to ask us to stop by. She "has stuff to get rid of." I told G I couldn't see how she could have much. She has been doing that for years. With her getting rid of stuff, my step mom dying, and then my dad, I am having real difficulty with "stuff.'' Then, of course, I do have all my own "stuff' which has been accumulating for 31 years here. I think I need to pretend that I am moving!!

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