Friday, July 21, 2006

Busy time

Yesterday turned out to be a very busy one. The main reason was that I had an appointment with the retinal specialist who had done the laser surgery on my eye a couple of months ago.. At that time, there was no real idea that my vision would improve. The occluded capillary was pretty much obscuring the vision in that eye. The only promise I had was that the vision would not worsen.

Over the span of the months, I really thought my vision had increased. I was hopeful, but guarded about the situation. When I took the eye exam, it turned out I was right. My vision had improved three times what is was.
After waiting for my eyes to fully dilate, I was seen by the doctor. He was amazed with the improvement. He told me that improvement seldom happens. He also told me he really believes this is a good as it will get, but at least I have almost full vision - even if lines are sometimes squiggly.

He then did the retinal scan. To quote him "you’ve got lots and lots of nothing." Those were the greatest words I’ve heard in a long time. Perhaps my eyes will last as long as I do!

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