Saturday, July 22, 2006

Drama, drama, drama

It seems like things in my daughter’s in law camp are back where they started. For lack of a better name, I will refer to them as the McCoys. Now that her step daughter has returned to San Antonio, K is the evil, demonic step mother from hell. M has told then repeatedly that K is the reason she moved back. K is the reason she could never talk to her dad, and that he was always different around K. He was not as loving to M.

Papa McCoy blasted S again about M. When they were in San Antonio last weekend to help K’s grandparents settle into their new apartment, they did not call M. The family was all too happy to let M know about it. So I imagine that, although she really could care less, this has become a new drama situation for poor, neglected M. I’m sure she is playing it to the max.

This is the same child whom I met when she was three. She was a holy terror. I have never seen a child so spoiled. She would stay with MeeMaw and Peepaw. If she awoke at 2:00 A.M. and wanted a picnic, then by jove she got a picnic. It was all about M.

S and K were engaged at the time I first met M. We took her to a pizza place with a mouse character. She was completely out of control. S couldn’t get her dressed when we were trying to leave, then when we were there, she wanted to continue to play games when it was time to go. She threw the biggest temper tantrum I have ever seen.
When she called K and S two years ago and said she had to get out of her mother’s house because she was afraid of her new stepfather, they didn’t hesitate. They made plans to get her. K was pregnant with Monkey Boy at the time, and knew she would be off of work for an extended time. She saved the money she would need. She threw caution to the wind and plunked down a large retainer for the best attorney in the city.

It is easy for the McCoys to forget that K didn’t hesitate to bring M here. She was afraid for the child. M wrote an affidavit accusing the mother and step father of all sorts of things. It was very inflammatory. As the years progressed, it became apparent that there were many lies in that paper. Now she is taking the easy way out again. She is blaming the stepparent.

The McCoys have no use for anyone who is not "blood." They are all bad people, and they are bad parents. Of course, they have threatened to disown S on several occasions, so the "blood" is not all that thick to them.

K really thought they had come to accept her. At one time they told S they wished he had not married her. She thought that was over. She has come to the conclusion that they have never changed. They still wish S and K would divorce, and do blame K for any and all problems with M.

G’s brother and wife are both psychologists, she a PhD. She sees that M is a very disturbed girl who is a pathological liar. She sees that she needs professional help. Her chances of getting it now are completely gone. I don’t see a bright future ahead for this one. She will continue spinning her drama, and thus getting into hot water. I really believe that’s the reason she made her mind up about going back in just two days. She got into some kind of real trouble here, and her mom made just the right deal with her.

Now she is spinning the stories aimed at her step mother to them instead of spinning the stories about her mom and step dad to us. The difference being that they still believe all of her lies, whereas we were beginning to see through them.

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