Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our weekend

Well, we’re back up here in our little place in the hill country. We showed our "stuff" at the arts and craft fair in town yesterday. For July, the temperature was quite pleasant. Usually there is a hot, dry wind coming from the desert which isn’t too far away. It’s not uncommon for July to see triple digits in this part of the country.

The fair was set up under the towering pecan trees on the courthouse square. It is a requirement that you have a sun shelter however because the temperatures do have the ability to climb quite high, and there are places where the trees don’t cover. That could have been a problem where we were assigned. The morning began with sunlight covering most of our space before the sun rose higher in the sky. As it continued along its path, the shade deepened, and with the occasional breeze, it was bearable. The humidity is something that is not often a factor, but it was high yesterday. For those of us from the swamp, it was not unbearable. For those who hailed from this region, they were miserable.

There were more vendors that last year, and there were more people. But there wasn’t as much money flowing as previous years. We visited with our neighbors who said they were really down in sales. They made over $1300 last year, and would do good if they made $500 this year. We didn’t even make that.

Two of the families were partially up here. G’s brother and his wife came. Their daughter and her son came with them since her house was being painted by her husband. She wanted to be out of the house because she is pregnant. She is due to have twins in late October. K and I are in awe of her. I know people who have had twins, but never knew them during their pregnancies. It is just so strange to us. We can’t imagine what it is like to hbave two little bodies inside. Poor E however. Both babies are on track - for singletons!! If they continue like this, I don"t know how long she will be able to work and continue with her activities.

K really wanted to bring her dog, who has become an inside dog since her other two disappeared. I wasn’t sure how Simone would do since she has taken charge of the house. We introduced them briefly, and no blood was shed. They got here first. When we came in, King’s hair on his back bristled. It was a tense moment, but it was only than. A moment. Simone is not happy about the interloper though. Her food must be in the bedroom and not where she can eat when we eat. She decided she would mark the floor right off the bat! She has done that three times now. I would be more upset, but we will have new floor coverings before Thanksgiving (I hope).

The usual occasional bristling occured among us two legged creatures as well. G and I are pretty set in our ways, and things don’t happen as they would when it is just us. Son in law must go to sleep with the TV and wake up with the TV. The problem with that is that the only set is against our bedroom wall. S just doesn’t get it. But then his family and ours are at two very different ends of the spectrum. K was remarking n that last night after we returned from dinner with the kinfolks.

Today is a quiet (he is working on his feeder away from the house), and the kids are watching a movie on his computer in the other bedroom. Right now it is too hot to breathe outside, but the AC is keeping us very comfortable. Tomorrow we journey to San Antonio to go through more "stuff" as G’s parents prepare for the move to a retirement apartment. I really believe that MIL would do better to not dispose of everything right now. FIL has agreed to a three month trial. She is shutting everything down. No wonder he is grumpy. Perhaps a visit from Monkey Boy will cheer him. Monkey Boy is named for his favorite brother. We shall see. I hope it brings him some joy.

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