Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Our Weekend Experiences

This is not the post that was going to appear here today. It is locked safely on a CD because the new notebook is not allowed to post to the internet - or Blogspot anyway. I can shut the one firewall down completely. That is the one that I have to close on this desktop. The virus software also has a firewall that it will not allow me to shut down.

So I got clever. I would take the saved post that I wrote on Sunday, and put it on a CD. Perfect! So the CD has other files on it. So what! The "what" is that the file won't open. As I have stated over and over - technology is leaving the station and I'm still on the platform. Wait - I managed to jump on board this time! I tried another path and rescued the post. So, without further ado here is what I was thinking Sunday evening!

As I write this, we are still in the hill country. I’m in love with this notebook! I have always wanted one of my very own, and now I have it. When I taught, I had one and loved it.

We didn’t make it to my family’s reunion. One of the cousins in G’s family is also into genealogy, and she had the CD of that family also. We began comparing notes and I gave her the CD I had been working on. I have names she doesn’t have, and she has names I don’t have. It was very beneficialto us both.

One of her daughters lives near us, so I imagine we will be corresponding much more than either of us thought before. Her husband has helped her to really get into genealogy more than ever. Her father collected quiet a lot of information back in the seventies, but her husband even accompanies her to genealogy classes. He is very supportive - unlike someone I am close to!

On our way into town for the reunion, we have to travel on dirt roads (uh, read rock). We rounded a curve and there was what looked like a "cow patty" from a distance. As we got closer, I could see there was a head with ears sticking up. We got even closer and discovered it was a brand new born fawn. It could not have been more than a few hours old. It was so new that it had some difficulty getting its little legs to work so it could scamper off into the tall grasses on the side of the road.

Now before you chastize us for leaving the poor little creature there, let me assure you - it was most definitely not abandoned there. I think I saw mom a few feet off to the left in the brush, and that’s the way the fawn headed. Last year we had no cattle on this place, and we had a fawn born under our front deck. We only saw mom when we arrived and she was scared off, but that fawn was perfectly alright. We saw the two of them on several occasions last year as the fawn grew. We know we were seeing them, because she was the only doe that hung around the house - as she had been doing for some time before she gave birth. She didn’t hand around the house this year because the calves would get under the deck this year.

I spent the rest of the weekend getting more crafts ready for the big craft show that will be here in two weeks. The down side of using the time we are here is that first we are 45 minutes from town. I heard a phrase the other day that covers where we are: we’re not at the end of the world, but we can see it from here. The other thing is that the nearest town is closed on Sunday! There are two restaurants that are open, but that’s about it. The store that has a nice craft section is closed on Sunday. So I am through until we return to civilization because I am out of head pins.

We will be meeting with the contractor who we hope will build our barn/garage before we leave. I am also going to have his company replace all the carpets and vinyl here with tile and laminate. I am so tired of stepping on grass burrs that hide in this carpet. I cannot get people to make absolutely sure they wipe their feet well before coming in the house. I want to be able to be in my normal state of bare feet. Also when Lady Bug and Monkey Boy are there, they don't need to get into the burrs either. Since we have a foundation of fine gravel we are getting that in the carpet also. Gotta get rid of that carpet!

I do have access to dial up here, but it’s long distance so I’ll post this when I get back home. I’m afraid I will be tempted to publish this, then check my email, then catch up on the blogs I read, and before I know it, I will have quite a phone bill.

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