Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things that make be think "What"

Sometimes I get the feeling that the world is zooming past me. While I was reading the paper this morning I found some things that made me think "What??"

While reading Hints from H*loise, there was a good hint about putting receipts and instruction booklets from appliances in a notebook. The thing that made me laugh a little was that she said she told her fiancee about the hint. They now have six notebooks going. Uh, just when are they going to get married? Or have they gotten that much stuff from showers? If so they must have a bunch of friends and famiy.

The next thing that got my attention was the ad on the back page of the same section. It was an add for one of those under a dollar stores. I guess since it IS still June, they would use a wedding theme for their add. In fact it was "Wedding Jitters Relief." Included in the add that caught my attention were pregnancy tests and condoms. Hmmm. You also could also have your official bridal registry with them. I wonder how many socks, reading glasses, deodorant sticks,condoms and pregnancy tests should be placed on the registry. That doesn’t include the gallons of water, eggs and aluminum foil, or would that be for the reception.

I also found that I am googled most for w*ter in the ear. I hesitate to write it out completely because I’m afraid I’ll become the number one site for that. I mean, is it really such a major problem?

Yes, I think the world is whizzing by me and I just sit here in a dazed stupor - and laugh. A lot!

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