Friday, June 02, 2006

We live by emergencies!

Last summer we did the proverbial "closing the barn doors after the horse was out." In March of 2005, our little fifteen year old American Eskimo, who had cataracts, fell in the pool when he was on his morning outing. He nearly drowned. The sight still hurts me so much. It probably led to his eventual stroke in July when we put him down.

After he fell in, we bought a cover for the pool. Pretty much I would put it on and take it off every time we used it. I didn't want Sam to fall in again. It is not easy to put on or take off. I was killing myself.

It stayed off until October of last year when we put it on for the winter. Since the cover was on, we stopped the pool service. In the mean time, I found a new (cheaper) service, and now that all the trees have stopped blooming, it was time to take the cover off.

Now around Christmas, the pump broke. So there was no circulation for a while. We got that done. We went to California for a week. No chlorine. I also was trusting G to check the chlorine level because he spends most of his home time out there.

I wanted to get the cover off last week so we could get the new guy to come to begin cleaning. G assured me he would help me last weekend. Not. Then it began to rain. Lat night, there was no rain in the area, and I took the cover off.
Guess what. Yep the pool is a nice pea green color. I guess the combination of all the factors above and the air temperatures soaring made the pool water nice and warm. It was a perfect place for algae.

I hope John can get here soon to rescue the pool

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