Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh, to be a watch dog!

Poor Simone. She wants so terribly to be a watch dog. She needs to give that idea up. It isn’t going to happen - ever. She is a wimp.

This past week has been a little rough on our wanna be watch dog. It began on Monday. We scheduled an appointment with the contractor who is going to build our barn/garage in the hill country. He brought his flooring guy also because I want to get rid of the wall to wall carpet that harbors all those nice grass burrs that I get in my feet.

I put Simone on the leash because when the second D*ll guy came out to revive the desk top, she was acting a little strange. I don’t know if she was attracted to the guy or didn’t like him. She wouldn’t leave him alone. Being the narcissistic person that I am, I assumed she was protecting me from the evil man.

So I put Simone on the leash Monday. When the guys came in she immediately began shivering! I couldn’t believe it. She usually only does this during a thunderstorm. She never reacted to people this way. I finally let her go. I was curious to see what she would do. She finally calmed down.

Yesterday was sensory overload again. The day began with the lawn guys coming. Oh the noise! Especially the leaf blowers when they get close to the doors. She usually stays very close to my side.

Then later in the day our exterminator came. We have been using him for twenty years, but Simone never met him. Again because I was here alone with him, I put her on the leash. The shivering began again. Daniel is good with dogs, and let her approach him. I finally let her off the leash, and things were fairly good for her. She remained wary.

Then we were visited by the garbage men who, in our town, pick up the garbage at the back door. That always gets her attention. Twice a week, her habitat is invaded my strangers who make noise. Finally the pool guy came which is bad enough, but because school is out, he brings his young boys who will be boys. More noise!

When it was time to go out to potty, she wouldn’t go. The umbrella was open over the table, and it smelled wrong. There was insecticide sprayed all over her potty. She wouldn’t even go out the door. Not even with my escorting her or trying to escort her. The first time, no dice.

This morning she was exhausted. When the alarm went off, she stayed in her crate. G woke her once. She went back to sleep. He woke her a second time as he was leaving the bedroom. She finally came out. I put her out, but I’m still not sure she attended to business.

I guess I’ll wait until next week to visit the vet for her four month heartworm check up. I don’t think she could take it this week! There has been far too much excitement around here for a rescue dog!

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