Monday, December 12, 2016


The little local med center where I have most of my doctors can be a mess!!  It consists of a fairly small hospital, and two medical buildings.  There.  Is.  Not.  Sufficient. Parking!!!

I had to go for my mammogram today.  This is a follow-up because seven months ago, the doctor at the office was comparing my mammograms to find a small calcification.  That is a huge red flag for a breast cancer survivor.  So I had to go back.

Now that visit was supposed to be a six months.  When I called Dr.  Poison's office, I never got a return.  That is a large practice with several offices around the Greater Houston area.  So you go to the main switchboard to leave a message for the nurse.  You never know if that message got there.  And apparently. mine didn't.

It was just before Thanksgiving, and, gee, everyone KNOWS that time is so plentiful around Thanksgiving.  I got another letter reminding me about making an appointment after Thanksgiving.  Now I don't know why I needed a referral from Dr. Poison - he didn't think the calcification was a big deal in the first place, and it was the radiologist there that did the recall, but I called again - rather incensed about not getting a call back the first time.  To cut to the chase - I got the referral sent by fax.

And that brings us to today.  At one time, I fought to get the first available appointments of the day.  Parking, I thought, was easier.  Well, when I had to take some appointments around noon, I found that THAT's the time to schedule.  This one today was at 2:30, and I hoped my luck would hold.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  There wasn't a parking place to be had.  We were circling the incredibly small parking lots like vultures.  I was really incensed by the independent ambulances who were parked in the handicapped spaces.  Their patients were not going to be walking to the ambulance.  It would move to the curb to pick them up.

Tempers (yes, mine included) were flaring.  I called G because I didn't take my appointment book with the phone for the clinic.  I was going to tell them there was no way I could get there because I couldn't park!  Suddenly a truck was leaving.  I told him if the car that appeared from the other direction was going to try to take that space I would hit them!  He said he would stay on the line to see if I got shot!

But I got there.  Got the mammogram done.  All is well - at least for at least six months (but hopefully a year since this one was good!

Now my PCP has the results of my blood work.  And I need to see her.  Surprise.  I can tell you what she is going to say, and I am not going to like it.  Not one bit!


Luna Crone said...

After all that, it's a wonder you didn't "blow your lid," when you finally got in!!!!! -sigh- I can just imagine what your BP was! Eeeek!

Hope you find good test results, in your Christmas stocking.

Happy, Happy Full December Moon Before Yule tonight!
Luna Crone

Debby said...

ug, parking lots, this time of year are horrible.