Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

To all, Happy Holidays.  To so many that greeting is not correct, but I grew up in a neighborhood that had a large Jewish population.  So we celebrated the Christian as well as the Jewish holidays!  Now the country is more diverse, and there are other holidays.  I saw it well put when someone says they say "Happy Holy-Days."  I like that!

Many things have transpired around here.  All the running around shopping and the like. One of the greatest was being able to get together with two old/new friends.  We met and became close when we all attended our previous church.  When you add our girls and their kids, there were 13 of us for a lunch meeting.  It was a grand time.

When my labs came back from my physical, all were really good - with one exception.  My TSH was out of limits, but the T3 and T4 were good.  While not critical, there is something causing that number to be wonky, so I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid.  With the holidays, I don't really know when to expect the results, but I am curious about those!

Hope your holidays are wonderful.  We, as usual, will be headed off again for the SSB.  Am I thrilled - no. But ...

See you next year.


Debby said...

Happy Holy Days! I like that, too!

Luna Crone said...

So this means, that your thyroid, is producing too much????

What does SSB stand for? Please and thank you, to both questions.

How nice, to have grown up, celebrating both Holidays!

Lovely that you had that great lunch get-together!!!!!!

Had a calm Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here, with family. It was lovely, other than for the ice-covered-world around here. We had to be DRIVEN, to just NEXT DOOR, on Christmas Day! Yikes!

Naturally, all the younger members, could walk the path. But "Olde" Nana and Pop, could not. Yish!!! LOL.

It's depressing. But can't let that take us down! Just be glad that grands and kids, take such good care of us!!!!! :-)

Always, Mind Over Matter!!! Is my motto. Or at least try!!!

Now it's the happy countdown to Jan. 20th!!!!! When our Constitution will be safe, again. :-)))

Luna Crone

Judy said...

I like the Happy Holy-Days too!!
Happy New Year at the SSB.


happy holy days to you...

Luna Crone said...

Copy of the comment, I left on my blog, to you.....

Dec. 29th

Thank you for your comment on my "POUT" post. Thank you so much.

-gigggles- I love it! You come right out and admit, that you are one who (almost) never comments! 50 Gold Stars for Honesty, my Dear!!!!

So, why? Do you think you have to comment something "amazingly witty or wonnnnderful"??? Don't you want people, to find your blog? Commenting does that, ya' know. :-) Why?

Everybody was a "pink, moist behind the ears, Newbie" once! Everybody was. And if you ever have any kind of a blogging question, most of us would be happy to reply. Sometimes we can help. Sometimes we can't. But I surely will try!!!!!

Luna Crone

Luna Crone said...

DEC. 30

-grin- Yes, you commented!!!! Thank you Hon! And you told me your weather! Yesssssss!!!

See? I am such a grumpy and bossy Olden Crone, that I am a Force Of Nature. LOLLLLLLLLL

All kidding aside, really thank you. For taking the time, to come read, and to leave a comment. Really!!!

Enjoy your New Years!

New Years Blessings to you and yours!
Luna Crone

Kristin_Texas said...

Happy Belated Christmas/Holy Days! (I like that phrase, too).

What probably happened with the highlighted text is the "Text Background Color" was clicked on. (It's right next to the "A" text icon).