Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blown away

First - let me apologize for the red highlight in yesterday's post.  I don't know how it got there, and I surely didn't know how to get rid of it!  So you had to read through it.  I am so sorry.

Last night was wonderful.  Once a band mom - always a band mom, even if you are a grandmom!

I am trying to find a picture of the whole beginning band, but I would bet there are close to 100 kiddos in that band.  I showed my son (who was band from 6th to 12th grades) the picture.  He was also amazed at the pure number of kids.  He went to the same schools by the way.

We got there a little early, and the director was working with the band.  They had only had one rehearsal as a full band prior to last night's concert.  So he was running through some spots with the band.  They sounded so good.  Now there were a few blip notes - a trombone and a trumpet that I could pick out, but overall they were absolutely great!

It made me so happy to see that the music (band really - haven't seen the choir) program is doing so well.  I urged Reagan to stay with it, and he said he would because he liked it!  Great news.  I really hope he stays like this.

Other than that, all is about the same.  With the arrival of one package, which is really a birthday present for my daughter on the 18th my shopping is done.

G is going to be able to go back to the SSB with our son.  He is going to be able to do some hunting again.  He hasn't had any venison in a couple of years.  To those who don't like hunting, we do not trophy hunt at all.  In fact, we call our son the "mercy killer."  Almost every deer he has ever killed is one who had a serious injury.  We have so many deer on our place, and it is a semi-arid climate which means forage is often (too often) scarce.  We have more deer die from malnutrition and/or old age than are ever taken.  And all the meat us used.  Nothing goes to waste.

So it will be a fun weekend for them, and a QUIET one for me.  Yea!


Luna Crone said...

The pink highlight was cute!!!

Where you can choose print color.... At the top of your post... Just to the right, there is a place for highlight color. Just a tiny move to the right, and you'll get highlight. Play with it. You'll see. But it was cute!

So glad about your wonderful night out, and that Reagan wants to keep having fun with it. Warms your heart!

I believe in the Second Amendment, so you'll get no flack from me. Hunting to eat and hunting which is merciful killing, is fine, with me. Why not???

Nope, no gun flack from me! Responsible gun ownership, which your family certainly practices, is our Right!

As to the silly idea that...Ban-all-guns-and-all-will-be-safe. Hahhh... Terrorists and mentally deranged people, will always get guns. Look at CA., where they practically don't allow guns. Look at Paris, where it is the same. Did those "laws," stop mass murders? NO!

Long live the Second Amendment!

Luna Crone


our marching band always gets number 1 division every year. they are great.

Luna Crone said...

Thank you so much, for your comment, on my 'Why?' post!!!

Eve Of Yule Blessings,
Luna Crone

Judy said...

You are right--once a band Mom, always a band Mom--or Grand Mom as you say. I only had one grand kid play in the band and she started out, using my 50 year old French Horn. What a thrill for me.

Marti said...

I'm glad you had a nice evening at the concert. With all the sports related injuries we hear about today, one day your son-in-law may be glad his son went out for band instead. I played tennis - a safe sport - and ended up with ruined knees and torn ligaments.