Friday, December 02, 2016

And so on

Today was a nice day.  Pedicures, then haircuts.  Love it  Afterward we went to the grocery store.  That used to be a real trial.  Walking through the store was so hard on my back.  They have the wonderful new service.  You go on-line, order what you want, set the time you want to pick it up, then arrive at the store.  You call the number telling them the space you are in, how you are paying, and they BRING YOU YOUR GROCERIES!!!!  I am so in love with that service!  AND it keeps me from impulse buying.  My grocery bill is going down, down, down.  You get three "free" trips like this, and then it is $4.99.  That is such a good price for what I am getting for the bucks!

I know I am aging into pretty much an old grump about a lot of things, but people on social media are worse than I.  There is an on-line social site called Next Door.  It is pretty much nationwide so you may have heard of it.  They are neighborhood specific and meant to be a place where local happenings are posted.  In the last two days, I have seen such hatred there.  Actually the same goes for Facebook.  This is a really sad time.  I am making a bigger effort to be more positive now.  I don't want to be the old woman who is always mean.

I am awaiting the avalanche of packages as I have ordered all gifts on-line ... again!  Am  I becoming a recluse? Sure seems like it.

Next week are doctor's appointments again.  I got into an ortho doc that I had been to with my knees.  He referred me to his partner for surgery.  The ortho surgeon is the one who had a heart attack and died shortly after my last knee.  I think both shoulders have impingement issues and cause a lot of pain, but after reading more about impingements I don't think there is anything that can be done about it.

I need exercise, but with the deteriorating back problems I can't walk far, and with the impingements, I can't really swim.  Swimming is one of the things that causes the problem in the first place.  I discovered this summer that swimming really hurts.  This is a bummer!!!

And with the Debbie Downer stuff at the end - I wish you a great weekend!



is that walmart that does that? I thought of doing that..especially days like today where I've been up for 2 nights in a row with leg cramps..
I need a pedicure..but want to wait till my toes and foot isn't black and blue and green and yellow.ha
hope you are feeling better soon.

Grandma K said...

JackieSue - here we are lucky. Yes - Walmart has a program like that. Those that have used it love it. I go to Kroger's. They are close. Also, our HEB has a service from another company I think where they will DELIVER to your home. When I order 2 more times from Kroger, it will cost me $4.99, but worth every cent to me!

Luna Crone said...

The only social media places I use, are blogging and IG. I have heard 'horror stories' about what goes on, on other places. And I don't choose to join in. Been there, done that, only got high blood pressure, from so doing.

Having a knee I can not walk on, without a walker, for a number of weeks, and still trying to find the best way to deal with it, I am very interested in your knee story.

How long did you have to deal with it, until you had surgery, please? Please and thank you.

Meanwhile, I am taking Ibuprophen, and trying to eliminate sugar from my eating, in hopes that this will cut back, on inflammation. Everyone now agrees that inflammation, is one cause of joint pain.

Luna Crone

Donna said...

New here....and I'm SO sorry but when I got to, "The ortho surgeon is the one who had a heart attack and died shortly after my last knee.",
I just bust out laughing.... I mean no disrespect. You are a wonderful writer!
I'm sorry you're having a hard time of things lately...Sending you a big hug and thanking you for the laugh.
Merry Christmas...