Monday, December 05, 2016


I really thought it was too good to be true.  When I called last week and got an appointment for today, I really thought that was just too good to be true.  And apparently, is was!

When I got there and signed in, I was told she has someone in the 10:10 spot.  As she checked - I wasn't on ANY date.  This really hit me hard.  Today is a bad one for most of us here.  It is rainy (with street flooding - not usual) and cold.  I was thinking I trekked all that way in this miserable weather...

She then said she would try to work me in, handing me the book into which I was to write my autobiography.  These booklets we produce often leave me  wondering.  As I was diligently entering all of the vital information, she said they could only check out one shoulder - not both.  One IS better than nothing.  My right shoulder was hurting so much last night, I thought I wold have to sleep in my blouse, bra, and camisole.  I couldn't lift my arm above the breast line much less over my head.

I got called back, and to my surprise, none of the nurses proceeded to ask me any of
the million questions I had just given in my booklet!  Things moved along quite handily.  I was whisked back to -ray where things went along quite well until the seated x-ray.  I simply was too stiff to handily get my head out of the picture!

When the doctor came in, he rotated both shoulders.  The left having no x-rays to look at seems to be basically "frozen."  I got exercises for that.  The right has a combination of arthritis (geesh t is hard to get old!) and a small tear in the rotator cuff.  I had already made up my mind there would be no surgery on the arm, but he said I wasn't a candidate anyway.

I left the office with a pamphlet and an injection of cortisone in my right shoulder.  After the holidays, I think I will see if we can't get the poor old left one treated also.

This is the week of visiting doctors.  Tomorrow is the eye injection.  Nothing makes your week like having a needle stuck in your eye!  Thursday is a "physical" with this new primary.  I think I like him, but I am so accustomed to my other doctors, I am a little worried.  They are all aware of how crazily my body works.  This cortisone injection will have to be noted when the blood work is analyzed.  It will raise my blood sugar.  My blood sugar is JUST out of normal range, but it as stayed the same for over 10 years.  With the spike that will show - I don't know what this new one is going to try to do.  I don't want any new meds.

Since my oncologist FINALLY called in the orders for the new mammogram since the regular one showed a small calcification, I probably can work that in this week also.  So more poking, prodding, and smashing are in my future.  And there is my week!  Four out of five days will be in a physician's office!


Luna Crone said...

Oh Hon, you have been through the wringer, already, this week!!! And I though all our appointments, were bad. -sigh-

Yeah, those "few papers" we have to fill in! -scream- Every time we have a new doc appointment. -sigh-

Best of luck with all this stuff. Especially with having a needle stuck in your eye! -bigggg scream- My husband is the one here, who has had about everything happen to his eyes. So far, only cataracts, for me. Easily taken care of.

Lots and lots of gentle hugs, my Dear!!!

Luna Crone

Debby said...

Hi Grandma K- I amso sorry for your pain. I am starting to have issues with my shoulders as well. One has a torn rotater cuff, but I'm waiting.

I start all my docters appointments in Jan. Ugh! Hope you are feeling better soon.



sending big ole Texas sized hugs to you.

Judy said...

Gads Woman!!!!!!! I hate all that for you!! I can barely stand to get my blood drawn, let alone a needle in my eye!!!! Plus, Cortisone shots hurt like heck!! My sister had one last week in her back, her blood pressure dropped and she fainted. Plus she complained about the burning pain from the shot for the next three days! At one time, I went to a pain clinic and got Depro-Medrol Cortisone shots (3) in my back. Luckily, they put me out with Fentenyl for that procedure. Still I could feel them a bit and said, "Ouch" with each stab. I wanted to let that doc know that next time, I needed a bit more Fentenyl before hand. LOL

Luna Crone said...

Dec. 11

Glad your Gulf Coast chill, is on the way out! I'm sure you don't do as well, with cooler weather. That's probably a reason, you live in FL. I know that cold weather is not good for my aches.

Snow here and lots more due. We got supplies in, this afternoon. :-) Always good to be prepared. 'Cause we "olden" folks do not venture out in bad weather.

Luckily, we live next door to one of our son's and his family, so they snow blow for us, and will get anything, we might run out of.

Why are we still up North? We spent Jan., Feb., and March in FL, on year. I did not like it. As long as we can be near family up here in snow land, we are staying put. :-)

To each her/his own!

Sparkles and sugar plum hugs,
Luna Crone