Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Big Night! (Relatively speaking)

My eldest grandson is in sixth grade.  This is where they can qualify for band.

So why is this a big deal?  Well, apparently my grandmother was quite a piano player.  She learned "by ear" and though I never heard her, I will take my dad's word for it.  I began piano at six, continuing until I was sixteen.  At that point,  I switched to the organ.  I was the assistant organist, moving into the position of organist two years later.  I have been an organist off an on since then.
My dad began his passion for music in his 80's.  He took up organ lessons and became pretty good!  Especially when he began showing signs of dementia.  My son began band in the sixth grade, playing the trumpet.  He ended with a partial college scholarship with that.  He now has his own band, and plays at the Houston BBQ cook-off and other venues.  
Now we have another musician!!!

I bring this up because his band concert tonight.  Sunday night at Family Dinner,he asked me if I would be coming.  He had such pride in his invitation!!  He was just glowing.

I will move heaven and earth to make that concert. I want to support him with everything I have because I know he doesn't get much support on his music.  His dad is completely gung-ho sports.  He was honestly upset when Reagan went into band.  I won't go much more into detail with this.  I just think there are a lot of more important things in life that being a jock.  I am not sure the boy really likes sports.  Even though his father thinks he is the greatest athlete that ever walked the face of the earth - he doesn't like to run!   He is his happiest playing video games.  And that's why my daughter has him playing water polo.  No running, but physical activity is there.

So I will be there cheering him on.  Hoping that since he will have had a tooth filled this afternoon - his mouth isn't numb because he plays the euphonium, and those lips are sooooo important!!


Luna Crone said...

Best wishes to him, with his chosen career.

He is lucky to have you, to cheer him on. And a wise mother, to find a sport for him, which he can enjoy, without the running.

Have a wonderful time!!!!!

Coming Yuletide/Christmas blessings,
Luna Crone


and playing in band won't give you a concussion.