Tuesday, May 17, 2016

From the trip to the oncologist

This was my regular check with him.  I was on 9-month recall.  The extended time periods are good - there are no apparent cancers, but bad in that you worry that there ARE cancers.  You look forward to having the appointments lengthed in frequency, and you worry that something will pop-up without being found in time.

But this was a scheduled visit.  He, of course, asked how I was.  I said I thought I was great - until my mammogram last  week.  Now the mammogram office is across the hall from his office, but he had not gotten the report yet.

I explained that there were a lot of calcifications in the left breast.  And so on.

He said I should not worry.  Go for the check at six months as I had been instructed, and NOT WORRY.

Phew!!!  (and now I am on a year recall)



giving the Goddess something shiny works..

Judy said...


Jeanette said...

So glad to hear and such a relief for you!

Sally said...

I can only imagine that you'd worry, but it sounds good so far, thank goodness.