Saturday, May 14, 2016

In the continuing winnings of granddaughter

I guess one day I will stop bragging talking about my eldest granddaughter, but the girl flat amazes me almost daily.

I have crowed about her grades, her making all-region in water polo, all-state in water polo, going to the state competition in swimming with her relay team.  Now she has made All-American in water polo!

She has done all this as a freshman in high school.  Most of these kids don't make all these things until they are Juniors or Seniors in High School.

I found that her class has some outstanding athletes.  Several of those freshmen girls lettered in their sports this year.  So many don't until their senior years.  What a group!

I still am looking forward to my grandson playing the tuba.  I think he will do well.  His perfect pitch will take him far.  The youngest (in that family) granddaughter will join the dance team when she gets to HS.  Then on to cheerleader.  She is only in third grade at this point, so it is too early to tell.  Whatever she does, she will continue to be the DIVA!

The other three will go far in music I believe.  But since they range from 4 - 8, who really knows!

But I am a proud Grannie!


Judy said...

I know exactly how you feel.
I think I get more excited and prouder than I did with my kids, or maybe it's just that we are "allowed" to openly brag about the grand kids and would have looked like snooty Moms if we had done the same with our kids?


and we all know she got her talent and drive from grandma