Saturday, June 04, 2016

Hello from Aqua World

Just this morning on the news, the weather guru said that our "excess" rain is in double digits, and we are good all through the summer with all the reservoirs, rivers, creeks, and bayous overflowing.  It. Can. Stop. Any. Day!  I know when it is hot and dry (at least I guess it may be) in August, we will be wanting some of this rain, but it is dangerous around here.

Last week I accompanied Daughter and Grand to Austin for a water polo tournament.  This was the day following another of our catastrophic area rain events.  This time, it was to our north.  I KNEW how bad it was between us and Austin, and frankly, I wondered why the tournament wasn't cancelled.  But off we went.

When we got to the bridge across the Brazos river, I was amazed.  G and I had gone over the river a few days before, and it was the highest I had ever seen it.  This time, it had spilled out of its banks and covered all the adjoining pasture land.

I had seen coverage of this on TV the night before, but in person, it was just horrible.  I knew there were cattle in that particular field.  The rancher couldn't get them to higher ground before the flood because it came so quickly and at night.  The cattle were swept away, many drowning.

That morning we crossed that area, there were about six large stock trailers waiting in the area for any stock that were found.  There were a few cows that had drowned in the pasture.  It was such a sad thing.

Now the river is cresting downstream, and ranchers are waiting until it is almost totally too late to move their cattle and the result is again some have drowned.  People are not leaving ahead of the crest.  They are getting stranded.  Apparently they haven't been watching what happened to the folks in Waller/Montgomery counties.  Such a shame.

But we finally made it to Austin (about an hour later than planned because of the HORRIBLE traffic in Waller County), and Katie swam in four games.  In actuality, it was a waste.  The only teams they swam against were from the same water polo club.  Which is named Viper Pigeons by the way!  What a name!

Nothing has been going on in our lives because we tend to stay in during these rain events.  For one thing, I don't like to get too far away in a heavy rain because we might not be able to get back home.  If the bayou about a half a mile away goes out of its banks, we can't get home.

The only thing new is that a friend wants me to write an article for her quilting magazine.  I.  Do.  Not. Quilt.  I know very little about it.  I am really putting her off.  There are many, many good articles out there about combining machine embroidery and quilting.  The authors of THOSE articles know what they are talking about - totally, and not just the embroidery.  I care nothing about being a published author!!!

So this has been my life.  Next week I will take the oldest grandson out to do something.  I didn't go to his "graduation exercise" from elementary to middle school (it was raining as usual), and he got his feelings hurt.  Katie keeps teasing her siblings that she is the favorite grandchild, and right now he is believing her.  I guess we will go to lunch (just the two of us) at least, perhaps a movie (I don't like his preferred genre, but...)!

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we haven't had rain in about 4 days and still flooded here..fraid my garden will not work as it's just mud there.