Saturday, May 14, 2016

Strange happenings

I know Texas and Texans have a reputation for things that make you go "huh."  Some are deserved, and some not.  But this case is one that has even this Texan wondering just what was going on.

There are some neighborhood information sites on Facebook.  I learn a lot about happenings in the area from them,  I was reading one today that absolutely shocked me.

There was a major accident on our main highway through our neighborhoods.  It is already bad enough that there is major, major construction going on, and the traffic is almost always snarled.  You never are quite sure exactly where the lanes will be from one day to the next.  It is a total nightmare.

Last night the traffic was completely stopped in one of the worst places,  It is pretty much a bottleneck there, but it was even worse than normal.  It being a Friday evening was making it even worse.  And people really had short fuses.  They were ready to get home to start their weekend.

Someone asked one of these sites why the traffic was so bad.  The answer was an eye opener.

It seems a young man was traveling along when there was debris on the road that he had to make a quick maneuver to avoid.  That seems improbable right there.  Usually, the traffic is crawling.

Well, in this maneuver, the pistol that HE WAS HOLDING (yes you read that correctly) discharged hitting him in the head.  He completely lost control of his vehicle and went careening off the freeway.  In doing so, he ran into a concrete embankment and was seriously injured from that as well as the bullet in his head.

The comments were about what a foolish thing this was, and the details weren't clear about what really happened.  Was it road rage?

My concern is if he had that pistol in his hand, who was he planning to shoot.

I am aware that there are many other states that allow open carry of pistols.  I am not a fan of this idea.  This is one good reason for my feeling.

The idiot is still alive after being air-lifted to a hospital.  IF he survives this, I really hope there are more answers forth coming.  I really want to know why in the heck he had a gun  IN HIS HAND driving down the roadway.  (And he certainly deserves the huge bill for the helicopter!)


Jeanette said...

That's s bummer for him and I hope he's ok.


holyshit...only in Texas...or Alabama, or Georgia, or Mississippi, or..well you get it

Judy said...

How odd. Yes--why would he have a loaded pistol in his hand? Why was he driving so recklessly? Going after someone to shoot them? I think it's rather funny that he shot himself in the head. Maybe a teachable lesson? Ride 'em, Cowboy!!