Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Life certainly has ups and downs.  After so many ups, there was a devastating down yesterday.

I went to my yearly mammogram.  And this is getting it in before my follow-up with the oncologist.  I had been put on a 9-month recall,  Things were looking so positive.

The technician was great.  She took all the views, took them to the radiologist, and said they were ok and I could go.  One of the irritating things I find about getting old is having to visit the bathroom - frequently!  So I had stopped on my way out.

When I opened the door, there stood my technician.  She said the radiologist had changed his mind, and wanted more views.

That.  Is. Never. Good.

To cut to the chase, he called me back to show me the views.  I have a LOT of calcification in the left breast (the right is mostly implant).  One of those calcifications seems to be growing.  It is about 3 mm.  Very small, but....

So with my history, I get to go  back in 6 months.

I see the oncologist for my regular appointment next week.  I wonder what he is going to propose.  At least at this point, if it does turn out to be something, the surgery could probably be just a lumpectomy.

The radiologist asked if I had been having pain.  My yes!  Since the surgeries, I have a lot of pain.  I don't "do" surgeries well.  All those incisions seem to develop scar tissues that hurt.  So the pain isn't really something new.

Once again.  We will see what Dr Poison says next week.  Sigh.


Jeanette said...

Oh no! I hope it turns out to be nothing serious! I can imagine how scary that yearly mammogram is when you have a history of cancer.


oh nooooooo....this is awful..hope they can do something radical enough to keep you from having to go thru this again...love you and will give the goddess something shiny for you.

Judy said...

A friend of mine just went through this very thing.
It was nothing terrible.
Scar tissue and adhesions from a previous surgery.
Here's hoping the calcification is just that--no cancer.

Sally said...

No, we cannot see negativity here. You're going to be fine! Prayers for you, K.