Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Another wow!

Music has been/is what I do.  My son has followed me into music.  It is/was a second job and brought in a little extra money.  I as an organist at church(es), and he with his band (and as lead singer with another band).  My daughter - no.  It IS funny that in the days when there were piano lessons, she was the one who seemed to be more capable - to the point that I was told that I was wasting my money with Brian.

The other day, the tests for the beginning band were given to the fifth graders.  You have to show some ability to get into the beginning band.  Reagan will be heading off to sixth grade next year.  So he took that ability test.  He did very well. He tested well on several instruments and has chosen the tuba.

Needless to say, I am thrilled.

Now the downside.  Both parents are sports minded.  They have never subjected their kids to any musical experience, although I DID try with Katie.  And she was doing quite well.  She has a good ear - just didn't want to learn the notes.  BUT they kept her so busy with basketball, soccer, and more that it killed our piano time.

The real thing I have here is the Facebook post by SIL.  It basically was "darn, my kid is in the band - how do I handle this horrible turn of events."  When congratulated went on with "he is projected to be 6'6", 280, and is one of the best football players around.  (note here - G has seen him play.  He IS big and can intimidate.  But when someone gets close to him - he just falls down).

So why has this unsettled me?  His dad was nothing but sports.  Even if one of the kids got hurt playing, he would tell them to get back out there.  I had no respect for that man, and this is one reason.  Steve said he would never be like that.  Well - he surely is.

I am thrilled that Reagan will be exposed to another facet of learning.  I sincerely believe deep down Reagan isn't all that into sports.  He is a gentle giant.  AND he hates to run.  I believe he does the baseball thing because dad was supposedly so good at it, and played as an adult in some of the local leagues.  He DOES like football, but again I think he sees it as a way of getting Dad's approval - and time alone with Dad.

I am so disappointed with Steve's attitude.  Many people have blown him out of the water responding to that post, so I am not really alone. But I am so proud of Reagan.  I think he will do so well, but  not with his dad's attitude like this.



least he won't get brain damage from paying in the band.

Sally said...

Now, that's good news! I hope it works out for your grandson, Karen. I've just never understood why parents push their kids so hard and it's like you say; the kids are wanting approval. And, that's very sad.

Marti said...

You know, with all the new information about brain damage from concussion, I'd be scared to death if my child wanted to play football.