Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Help - I am drowning

I have so much to do, and things keep getting in my way.  I DO love my family, although  yesterday it didn't seem like it.  But - let's face it - getting a dinner for 12 together takes time - plus I had to put away as much as I could so there would be room for people!

I picked up the computers yesterday.  They were wiped clean.  The Toshiba had the files in a file on the desktop.  I can access most of them, but Family Tree Maker won't load.  The family files won't load. My version of Office has gone from  360 to 2007 which is a mixed blessing.  I am having to reload things like the PDF reader and the like.

The Dell - nope it is clean.  There went all my pictures - of Simone, vacations, the kids at their various things, all gone.  I know it is basically my fault.  They should have been backed up.  But.  If the tech I talked to had done both - my pictures would have been in a file on the desktop. They are not.  Even Office is completely gone.

I realize I thought the Dell was a dead computer, and it's not.  I even ordered a new battery for it.  It will be OK, but I am once again in mourning for my lost things on the computer.  I would contact them, but I know they don't keep the files that they take off to put back.  Those things are in computer heaven somewhere.

I would much rather mess with the computers than put stuff away.  What a drudge.  It wasn't any fun taking it out, but putting it back is worse.  Deciding where I want the stuff is not easy for me.  I want it organized, and I probably am over thinking it all. I don't want to do that.  Think that is.

I would like to be upstairs sewing.  I would like to be doing something.  I have promised pictures since September of Alaska - and I have THOSE.  I just am having trouble (thinking) deciding which ones would translate to the blog best.  It is such a beautiful place, and pictures simply cannot capture its enormity.  At least my little El Cheapo camera can't.  I know the pros can get some of it, but especially from a train window it just doesn't happen.

The oldest granddaughter gets her cast off this week, while the youngest got her walking cast on.  Strange juxtaposition!  The middle already had hers a year or so ago when her brother, without thinking, swung a bat and broke her arm.  Both in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.

I am not helping myself just sitting here trying to think of something else to write  I know there was something, but it is still in the dark recesses of my mind!

Catch ya later!

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Judy said...

I am so, so sorry! To lose the pictures would break my heart. I don't have mine backed up either--another project I guess. I hope things settle down for you--I seem to be in a "I don't want to do anything" mood lately. Not good!!