Friday, December 06, 2013

Might as well be crack

Yep - that's my addiction to my computers.  Yes, I did say computers.  And my addiction to them is just as expensive as crack. At least I guess not having ever  bought crack, nor do I plan to since I have my computers!

I loaded the two large laptops to take to the fixit place today.  I was hoping the newest one would be a quick, simple fix.  Nope.  When we went to boot it, guess what.  You guessed it.  Good old Windows 8 had decided that my password wasn't worth the electrical signal it takes to load it, so it wouldn't load today.  It is going to require purging the system and re-loading it.  BUT, when it is re-loaded it will be with Windows 7!!  Yes!  Hardly worth the money it will cost for all this, but no more Windows 8!!  Yea!

Now, he SAYS he can do the same thing to the dropped Dell.  I don't know.  But I told him I wanted my pictures back.  They were so important to me.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  At the end of this adventure, I could buy a completely new laptop.  But who puts a price on pictures.  If your house is destroyed by fire for example, it's your pictures that you will miss the most of all the possessions.  They can't be replaced.  Our vacation pictures are on that computer.  Pictures of Simone are on that computer.  Pictures of the grandchildren are on that computer.  And, if he can do it, I will have the dropped Dell back as a real computer!

I just wish all this wasn't at Christmas time, but if I had gotten off my duff back in September when we returned from Alaska, it wouldn't be!  And if my wonderful contractor wasn't so busy that he is working Saturdays and almost holidays (like the day after Thanksgiving) because he has so much business, I wouldn't be trying to buy the things needed for the new bathrooms here at Christmas! 

Oh well - it's only money (!!!????!)  The bleeding of bucks will stop at some point.               I hope.

I will try to get back with pictures of a lot of things - Alaska, which are on the "new" computer, the bathrooms which are still in the camera because this little "toy" Toshiba doesn't even have a hard drive it is so small.  I don't want to load it with a lot of byte hogging pictures!  The baths are beautiful, and I want to show them off!

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Judy said...

Computer problems frustrate me more then anything in this world!!!