Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Freudian slip??

I am a terrible Grandma.  I cannot believe I really did this - old-timers has me fully in its grasp today!

I was supposed to go to "Wall writer's") Christmas Program ,morning.  Five minutes before it was to start, my son calls.  My first word after he spoke was "Oh my god, it's Wednesday!" 

I feel about four feet lower than dirt right now.  I cannot believe I forgot.   In my very weak defense - I have been either a day ahead or behind all week.  I am just crushed.  I have never forgotten any of the other three's programs and the like, but then my daughter calls me daily.  To forget would be almost impossible.

Oh I  just feel terrible about this.  Freudian?  I don't really know.  I would never knowingly do this however.  Never.


In  other news - yesterday I subscribed to an on-line storage service.  I will never, ever lose files again - unless they go bust.  But it is part of the Norton system, so.  I am backing up each and every computer in this house.

For the little, toy computer that I have all my embroidery files on, I have three other back-up devices.  Two external hard drives, several thumb drives, some files are even on cd's.  When one has something like 8000 or more embroidery files - some free, some purchased - you really don't want to lose them.  Many digitizers will allow only one download of their files that you purchased.  So I have a lot of irreplaceable files - like my pictures were!

So it's time for this terrible Grandmother to close.  I got a lot more "stuff" put into the bathroom cabinets yesterday, but I still have a long way to go. Then straighten the stuff that was just thrown into the bedroom.  Have a great one - better than mine I hope!


Marti said...

I'm sorry. And I've done that. My forgetfulness scares me.

I've thought of putting my files in an online storage, but I wonder (seriously, I do) if I would forget I had it, or forget to pay for it, especially if it was a yearly subscription, and then end up losing them all.

I have dreams where I have signed up for something, and then forgot about it. Like taking a college class and weeks go by before I remember I'm supposed to be in a class.

That reminds me. I need to cancel Ancestry. See, I need a keeper. I hope the little one wasn't too disappointed.

Marti said...

p.s. I was too late on the Ancestry, so it's still good until Jan. 11.

Judy said...

I have a hard time keeping up on what day it is also--even though I have everything written on my calendar. I have a band concert tonight and I only realized it at noon--that today is Thursday, not Wednesday.