Thursday, February 09, 2012


Yesterday I managed to get some things done that have been nagging me for a while.  First, I was able to actually get PICTURES of some of the things I have made before they left the house.  Of course, I won't be posting them today because they are still in the camera which is upstairs, and I still don't have a working router so I can use the wonky computer up there to access the internet.  Some things seem to never change!

The other thing was to use that coupon that is a group thing.  You know which one I refer to.  It was $20 for $45 merchandise at a re-sale shop.  Before you may gasp in horror - yes I do shop at re-sale shops.  I have for years, and it is especially important now because those little shirts that I want as models for my embroidery can cost big bucks at a store - even Wally World.  Getting them used, washing and using starch liberally, means I can show the work at less money.  I know many people in this world do not have the ability to see what a design would look like on something, so this gives them that ability.

So I did go and get little kids shirts.  I only had gone over the $45 by about $15, and that's because I bought Little Bit (Daughter's youngest) a really cute little outfit that will be darling this spring.  It was so well made too!

I also managed to get to the craft chain that had patterns on sale for $1 a piece.  If you do not sew - the list price on those puppies has gone to about $16 per pattern.  Most fabric places run them everyday at about 30% off, but still...

Then I took the two shirts and the one vest to the little ones at Son's house.  That means I was able to see new Sprout as well.  He is such an active baby.  He is seldom still - even when he is totally asleep.  He wiggles like crazy!

So I did get a lot done that needed to be done.  I was only gone about 3 1/2 hours, which in itself is rather amazing.

Today, since the cameras are upstairs, and I have the background set up, I am going to take the other pieces that haven't been photographed yet and do that.  Strike while the iron is hot, and all that.  Then I will vacuum up the remains from the latest outfit for Little Bit.  I hope that other parents at her day care will look at her outfits and fall in love, and call me, and ...

Have a great day.  Weekend is right around the corner for those of you that look forward to such things.


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JuJu said...

good for you!! Doesn't it feel great when you have a day like that, filled with accomplishments??

The baby is a wiggler, eh? I wonder if he'll be like that all his life? I have a friend who wiggles nonstop. He shakes the entire house!