Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the comments continue to appear.

Well, I guess removing the authentication means my comment count will rise.  There has been a comment each day.  Yesterday the comment appeared on the appropriate post.

I guess what I did incorrectly was to allow anonymous comments.  I will delve back through the labyrinth of Blogger to find the right way to change this.  I just don't know that I have another several hours to do this!  I am so computer literate, don't ya'  know.

Went to the bone doc yesterday.  There is nothing wrong with the right knee - thanks God!  The problem lies in the lumbar region of my back where the sciatica, stenosis, degenerative changes, and arthritis reside.

I told him I stopped the pain clinic because I want to be drugged all the time.  Since I am now ancient, and on Medicare, I can go to the pain clinic he prefers.  Perhaps I won't feel like I am visiting skid row now.  It was actually getting a little scary at the other place.   I am not being snobbish, but the folks there were seriously scary.  I am pretty sure some of them were selling the drugs they got.

Anyway, I came home and called the new clinic.  Bone doc said they would treat me without the accompanying meds.  That means the injections in the back, and they do work.  When I asked him who would be good to "work on the back" he told me to not let anyone cut on me.  So I am looking forward to the new clinic.  I see them next Thursday.

It is really getting to be absolutely necessary because I cannot stand for more than a couple of minutes.  The pain makes me feel like I am being pulled over to the right side.  I was beginning to worry about scoliosis.  I don't think there is any of that going on, but the doctor said my back was like Christmas - something for everyone going on there.

So it is all good.  G has a torn meniscus in his knee.  He got a steroid injection.  If that doesn't work - well it will be arthroscopic surgery for him.  The doc said that it's easier to treat a tear than a break.  Words of wisdom.




glad your feeling better..good news.

Judy said...

I have the same thing--the injections in my back help, but only for a couple of months AND I need a driver to take me and bring me back home AND I don't have that driver anymore because...so it is difficult to find anyone to take me. Ask if you can get a TENS device. The patches go on the pain areas and plug into a little hand held device and electrical thingies so through the pads and into the back--it really, really helps and Medicare pays for it all!!!

Jeanette said...

I think I allow annonymous comments on my blog with out any problems. Blogger does a good job of weeding out the spam so I never see them. Hope those injections work!