Sunday, May 08, 2011

A little wish

My wish for all women, not just mothers, is a Happy Mother's Day. It is nice to be appreciated for one day.

We went to late service at church. Daughter and brood go to early since that is when the children have their service. It just dawned on me - late service is so calm. Well then logic tells me: no children + late service + quiet service. Hmmm.

But back, when we got there, the brood was standing outside looking glum. They were waiting for us - well me. They made little corsages for us from crepe paper. Doodle Bug didn't have one for me, but that's ok. I imagine it took all to get her to complete one.

During late service, I stood proudly with my two little corsages pinned to me. I was the only one. I'll bet the others in church were just green with envy!

Peace be with you.


JuJu said...

Happy Mother's Day Grandma K. I hope it has been one of your best days ever.

I know you are so proud of those corsages!


happy mothers day.

Susan Adcox said...

I know you were prouder of your corsages than you would have been of the fanciest orchid!