Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hi and Bye

We are home again, only to leave tomorrow. The arrival home was quick - we were still supposed to be at the SSB, but the awaited death happened. G stopped and saw his mother on Tuesday on our way. She was complaining of a tooth ache, and had been medicated. She seemed rather lucid although quiet. His brother called us that evening to tell us that she was non-responsive.

Things went along for a while. My friend from junior high and sophomore year of senior high was coming to see us, and we met them at the Country Store. I think they were afraid of venturing off into the wilderness! Anyway we met them and had dinner (good, but in the fast food genre). Then we got them to the house where they spent the night and part of the next day.

Friday night, G called brother about 7 - things with his mom were unchanged. My friend decided to call her sister to see how her mother was, and how things were in general only to find her mother had been taken to a hospital. Some woman had fallen on her mother (??!!) which caused her shoulder to hurt and sent her blood pressure through the roof. I really thought they were going to leave that night - even though they were afraid they couldn't find their way home. After about an hour, G's brother called to tell him their mother had passed. I almost want to become satirical here and say and "a great time was had by all."

To bring this saga to an end - it is now " tomorrow" and we will be heading to San Antonio for the viewing tonight and funeral tomorrow. My friend's mother went home Friday night doing just fine. Simone and Shadow are at the vet's office for boarding. And we are waiting to leave to almost caravan to San Antonio. SIL is flying in from Chicago where his company has a booth at the National Restaurant show. So he will land in SA, I will ride with Daughter and kidlets, and Son and DIL will b leaving about the same time. They may or may not catch up with us!

When I get back I have some tales to tell about my visit with my friend.

Peace be with you.


JuJu said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I love the fact that you were trying to find the humor in the situation, eh?

Have safe travels---I hope all goes smoothly and that you find comfort in spending time together.

Judy said...

I didn't even know your MIL had been ill (physically that is). Oh well--sorry for G.