Monday, January 31, 2011

Changed my mind

All day I had been composing a post about a topic that is as far away from now as it can get. I am prompted to write about this. It is flat eerie about these parts lately.

As you know, G retired not all that long ago. During the time we were at the SSB, things progressed normally. I would cook, clean and load the dishwasher. Same thing as always.

The change has been in the almost week we have been home. He is doing so much more around here. He took over the kitchen Saturday night. He prepared venison stroganoff. It was delicious, and then more than that - he washed (loaded the dishwasher). Spell check is fussing at me for the name of the dish, but I don't want to go find it in a cook book. Sorry. I think you will know what it is!!

Today, he got dinner out of the freezer - while I was having a spanking new temporary crown put on my molar. Doc says it should be the last for a while. But getting back, he is going to do them outside on the grill since this will be our last chance for the week. We are going to share a bit of the weather you all have been getting hit with.

He is actually is being calm around the grandchildren, but that had its seeds in the weeks previous - Thanksgiving in fact when I told him everyone went home early because they didn't want to upset him with the noise. He is a lot more accepting now.

So thus far, living with him being newly retired has worked out well, but I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I expect him to get his tighty whities in a ruffle soon. I hope I am going to be surprised and this is the G I will live with around here nearly 24/7!

Peace be with you and please stay warm and dry!


Judy said...

Some men adjust to retirement very well. Fred now does all the food shopping and most of the cooking. He also loads and starts the dishwasher, occasionally vacuums, always makes the bed in the morning.

He is turning into something I have always wanted---a wife!!!


peace in the valley..