Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The retirement continues

So far so good. Knock loudly on wood!

Things are going well, and the house is flowing like a well oiled machine. But the problem is the time feels more like vacation. I don't think this can continue long.

We will be going to the SSB tomorrow. We will be staying for a week, so it will be more vacation. I don't see any changes with the - except I will be there with no hot spot from my phone, That will be the bad thing for me. This is my morning tradition.

Other things going on - now that I am on the hydrocodone a muscle relaxant was added. I thought it was just effecting my walking. Today, I really think it is effecting my brain. I can't remember anything. I really got scared yesterday That is the bad. The good is that I don't have back spasm that just about cripple me. There is still a big problem on the right, but it isn't making my whole back cramp up. I am getting very dedicated to my PT that I learned. I do the exercises every other day.

So we will be off. Seven days in the almost wilderness. The house is up where I have to climb stairs to get in - the fewest is 6. So once I get in, I don't get out except on the deck. I have the computer so that I can work on things there, but I wish I had my big machine. I took it a couple of times, but G hates it because it is so heavy. With the new trick., it doesn't fit on the floor of the backseat. Not enough room. The case isn't water-tight, so it cannot go in the back.

I am getting very bleary and cannot type well right now, as if I could ever type. I an having a problem with word recall. Shoot - I am having trouble with anything requiring thought. And this computer is doing some weird things - like erasing whole sentences. So I leave you for a while.

I will post if the phone provides my with a signal. Stupid phone! I should have gotten one like this one from AT&T. I know they work.


Cheyenne said...

My husband and I have been thrown together 24/7 since the beginning of October back in '06 and things are flowing smoothly. Every once in awhile we get on one another's nerves but it eventually goes away and flows smooth again. There are days when he leaves the house for his auctions and I have the whole day to myself, sometimes twice a week, and I cherish those days as well.

Susan Adcox said...

I'm glad hubby's retirement is going smoothly. I hope you start to feel better soon. Enjoy your vacation!

Ari said...

Happy Retirement!

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