Sunday, January 16, 2011

Do you watch Desperate Housewives?

I do, rather I did until I read the paper this morning. All of the stars, except Teri Hatcher, want more money. Those poor little actresses. I guess they are on rice and beans because they cannot afford better food. I guess they are on the streets living in cardboard boxes. Good thing it stays fairly warm in California.

Could you manage on a mere $400,000 per episode. Why of course not. It's inhumane to ask them to struggle on that. Why of course they need more money.

That makes me thing of the millions that sports figures make. Then they want more. What in the world are they spending it one. How can you "need/deserve more money. This boggles my mind.

To my way of thinking, they must sew it together to make sheets for the bed. Perhaps they use it to light fires or candles. I cannot imagine why millions aren't enough.

I laugh when they "fine" sports figures. The amount of that fine is like $2.00 for us. It sounds like it is so much! Ha!

This is despicable when you look at teachers salaries. They have the student's future in their collective hands. Every one talks about education, but when the rubber hits the road, these people disappear.

There are many other jobs where the worker isn't paid a living salary. But coming up with the money to pay these people who are playing a game, and putting on play there never is a problem.

OK, I'm off my soap box. It is one that I have carried for years. I can't understand someone making 400,000 a day of work (I will admit they probably had to work for that one episode, but still!!) wanting more - demanding more. Just can't wrap my mind around such "salary".

Peace be with you (and me!).


Marti said...

Rice and beans? I doubt it. Too many calories. ROFLOL!

But I totally agree with you. Our country has their priorities totally upside down. It's no wonder China and Taiwan students are kicking our butts in math and science. If the low salary for teachers isn't bad enough, the guberment ties their hands when they try!

Oops, sorry. This was your soapbox.


I'd be more impressed if they donated part of their paycheck to a teachers fund, or fireman's fund, or policeman's fund, or nurses fund..sigh*

Cheyenne said...

The saying goes somewhat like this: the more you make, the more you want.m Some people are never satisfied. The money those people make is absolutely obsscene.

Grandma K said...

There's lots of room on my soap box. This is just one section that sets me off!d

Jeanette said...

It drives me crazy when I think of how much money celebrities make. Especially sports figures!