Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What's new?

Well, nothing. It feels like the same old same old around these parts, at least for me. I am still recuping the knee. I think there is something not quite right, but I keep putting off calling the doctor. It feels like something will roll out of place. It feels like I need to "pop" the knee, and it hurts then. We'll see what happens.

Tomorrow is sewing club. I have missed the last two meetings, and I really want to go to this one. I want to get out and DO something, and I want to learn how to embroidery on a tea towel. I am not crazy about the design, but I really want to get the technique right. If you don't do it correctly, the embroidery sinks into the towel - never to be seen again!

I have ventured up the stairs once. Going up wasn't bad - the coming down is scary as the devil. Neither knee is really dependable when going down. I am supposed to start out with the "good" knee (what an euphemism) going up and the surgically corrected coming down. That means trusting what is not strong with either knee coming down. I have been contemplating coming down on my butt - on purpose, silly!

But I am not at all going to be able to bring that machine and all associated stuff down with me. G can be such a jerk about it. In fact, when I told him I was going, his remark was how I was going to get the machine into the store. I told him at least THEY would help me!

I have asked Daughter, but she has her own stuff going on. They are in the process of adding an addition above their master bedroom. The progress has been slow and tedious. They have had a heck of a time with our local inspector. He kind of reminds me of Barney Phyfe on the old Andy Griffin show. He thinks because he has a title, he is powerful. I have had to deal with him on the other house and this one, and I'm glad it's over. The next time I may ask him if he has the bullet in his pocket.

Anyway, Monday morning, Daughter's ceiling collapsed from accumulated rain water that seeped under the tarping that the framer didn't put down correctly. Now in addition to the stuff going on upstairs, they are down to the studs in their master bedroom. I really hate to ask her to come here to bring that machine down. She assured me (prior to the disaster) it would be fine - even with SIL out of town and all the family stuff falling on her shoulders. I'll see how her day goes today before I bring it up again.

So that's the news from here in Swampland Surburb. Hope your news is good!



flying eagle woman said...

well I'm glad I stopped by...

wish I had more time

judemiller1 said...

My right knee cap likes to roll around a bit. FINALLY--what I have been asking for and finally got "permission" today--x-rays on back/hip and knee, just so the PT knows what to work on. EGAD!!! Sometimes you really gotta get out there and demand stuff before the medicos listen to you. Hope you get the machine down and get to go to the sewing party.